Space Forge USA

Above Shore Manufacturing for Onshore Needs

Rocket Launch from Florida.

Space Forge on the Space Coast.

With its main office on Florida’s Space Coast near the Kennedy Space Center, Space Forge Inc. is bringing together advanced materials manufacturing and space access to revolutionize the US semiconductor industry. 

Our Goal

A recent Semiconductor Industry Association study projects that the US domestic semiconductor manufacturing capacity from 2022—when the CHIPS and Science Act (CHIPS) was enacted—to 2032 will triple.  This 203% growth is the largest projected percent increase in the world in that period.

Using space as our lab environment we will create the highest quality semiconductor materials, not possible to make on Earth. We will use space grown semiconductors as foundational materials for US terrestrial semiconductor substrate manufacturing operations.  With our exceedingly high quality materials, Space Forge Inc. will address US national priorities and elevate the US economy to new successful heights.


A photo of Michelle Flemming.

Space Forge, Inc. is led by Michelle Flemming, a 15+ year veteran of the US space industry with vast experience creating value, engaging customers, drawing revenue, and managing cutting edge programs.  A reputation for getting things done, her client list includes US Space Force, NASA, Collins Aerospace, JAXA, Purdue University, JPL, Southwest Research Institute, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, Mayo Clinic, Kari/Chosun University, and many more.  Over the years, she’s helped hundreds if not thousands of government, industry, and university scientists, technicians, and engineers achieve their space research goals.

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