Space Is
A Team effort

Space Forge is built from an extraordinarily diverse and eclectic team of makers, united by a love of space, a passion for entrepreneurship, and a collective drive to succeed.

We combine our experience, expertise and innovation on developing unique systems that will make space work for humanity. Our multi-talented team encompasses representatives of 17 nations so far, and counting.


Co-Founder & CEO

Josh grew up with a passion for space and proudly has a piece of kapton foil from Apollo 11 on his desk. Before Space Forge, Josh worked across Thales Alenia Space and the UK Space Agency covering everything from business development to ensuring UK technologies were represented at the European Space Agency.


Co-Founder & CTO

With over a decade in the UK space industry Andrew has designed and built dozens of space technologies including low flying satellites, Mars landing sensors, wireless power systems and launch vehicles. For five years he was head of innovation at Thales Alenia Space in the UK and was the 2010 Engineering graduate of the year.


Manufacturing Engineer

Previous experience working in the area of space radiation shielding. Studied BEng Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds, MSc Astronautics and Space Engineering at Cranfield University. Volunteers for the STEM educational charity Smallpiece. Published a paper on alternative robotic locomotion methods during her Bachelors degree.


Prediction Software Engineer

Oliver has always been passionate about space, science, sci-fi and fantasy. This led him to study physics and to do a PhD in astronomy. As a student and post-doc he helped to discover and characterise over 40 extra-solar planets. He has expertise writing code to automate data reduction and analysis, as well as aid target selection and observation.


Spacecraft Systems Engineer

Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Radu was passionate about physics and space from a young age. He moved to the UK to study Spacecraft Engineering at the University of Southampton, graduating with an Meng in 2020 after designing a manned hexacopter based on drone technology. At Space Forge, he contributes his knowledge and skills to changing the world.


Payload Systems Lead

Prior to joining Space Forge, Mulham obtained an MEng in spacecraft engineering from the University of Southampton. With over 4 years in the Aerospace industry, Mulham has worked on a variety of projects ranging from heavy lift drones to CubeSats. His work at HeliOffshore equipped him with valuable experience working with international stakeholders. At Space Forge, Mulham combines his technical and project management backgrounds to lead the development of Space Forge’s novel payloads.


Heat Shield Lead

Ana is an Aerospace Engineer with a Master’s degree in Space Law & Policy. She was always a curious kid, inspired by fiction novels and sci-fi and space movies. Ana has worked as an intern at the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and was part of a research field campaign as an analog astronaut. One of her areas of interest is the sustainability of space activities and how these technologies can improve life on Earth.


Office Manager and Executive Assistant

Over a decade of experience as an Operations Manager within the Residential Property and Luxury Accommodation markets in Australia and the UK, Alli couples an immense personal passion for Space with a never-ending enthusiasm for organising everyone and everything. Alli maintains a wide scope of non-technical work at Space Forge, from building brand partnerships to organising the parties (and everything in between), ensuring her technical colleagues can remain focussed on driving towards a sustainable planet earth.


Space Systems Engineer

Anthelme studied aerospace engineering at the University of Bristol as he wanted to learn how to make aircrafts and spacecrafts. There, he worked on a novel composite aimed for space use and designed an Earth Observation satellite as part of his projects. On his time off, you will almost always find Anthelme on a climbing wall.


Space Test Engineer

Interested in space and engineering from a young age, Andrew studied Aerospace systems engineering at Univeristy of Glasgow. He worked on the control team in GU Orbit, a university club that aims to design and build a cubesat.  He strongly believes that the future points to space and looks forward to making the earth a more sustainable place.


Thermal Engineer

Marcia is an Aerospace Engineer from Brazil and holds an MSc in Microsatellite Technology from Beihang University, Beijing. Passionate about advanced materials and new space, worked on different projects such as manufacturing of advanced composites, biodegradable plastics, nozzle flow simulations, and satellite thermal analysis.


Space Test Engineer

Ed is a materials scientist who’s always had a passion for space. Starting out with a BSc in Chemistry, he broadened his focus with an MSc in Nuclear Science and Engineering before continuing on to get a PhD in material science with experience working on various semiconductors and their applications.


Space Software Engineer

Jac has always had a huge interest in Physics and Robotics leading to studying a BSc in Space Science and Robotics. Creating robots is a big part of Jacs life and he helped teach young children in a local Robotics Club whilst studying. Jac also has an interest in AI/ML having done his BSc project in Emotion Recognition.


Space Systems Design Engineer

Tal is passionate about engineering, spaceflight, aviation and entrepreneurship. He holds an MSc in Astronautics and Space Engineering from Cranfield University and has run his own VR Engineering start-up. He is committed to developing space to improve life on Earth and ultimately has the goal to live and work in space.


Lead Development Operations

Will has over 20 years of experience in the InfoTech arena. Specialist areas of interest include security and machine learning and automation systems.


Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs

Lewis holds a BA in History and an MA in International Security and Development with an interest in how governments work, operate and function effectively. He has a range of experience engaging with and working for local, devolved and national governments as well with supranational bodies and regulators from a number of industries.


Manufacturing Engineer

Aarron has always found aircraft and space interesting, which led him to gain an MEng in Aerospace Engineering from Swansea University, with a focus on Space. He thoroughly enjoys the hands-on side of engineering and being able to create and build things and work with his hands. On his time off, you will usually find Aarron Scuba diving.


Contracts and Procurement Lead

Andres is an aerospace engineer from the University of Manchester, who has worked in Power Plants around the world. He has experience in Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects, from Supply to Commissioning, evolving from Quality Control to Project management. He has run his own business and is a startup entrepreneur and advocate. He is a Sci Fi Nerd!


Project Manager

Leo is a spaceaholic who loves building and improving processes and systems. He holds an MPhys in Physics with Technological Physics and an MSc in Complex Systems Simulation, but ran his own business providing technical and management consultancy for SME and Social Enterprise manufacturers in Cambodia before joining Space Forge back in the UK. Combining manufacturing and space is a dream come true.


Manufacturing Engineer

Fascinated by aerospace and engineering from an early age, Jordan began his career with Rolls-Royce Plc where he gained 10 years experience in manufacturing engineering and then operations leadership. During this time Jordan gained an MSc from the University of Warwick and worked in various operational facilities across the UK and Germany working mainly in the Civil Large Aerospace sector. Starting at Space Forge has meant that Jordan can transfer his manufacturing experience into the space industry which has become a dream come true!


Electronics Engineer

Becoming weary of the unsocial hours of the life of a musician, Ian decided to lean into his love of aircraft, space, and electronics and retrained at ICAT, Kingston University as an Aerospace Engineer, where he won the 2019 Student of the Year award. His final year project found him inventing a unique manoeuvrability system for UAV systems, leading to him becoming a payload systems designer for VulcanUAV. Landing a role at Space Forge means he can finally fulfil his dreams of going higher, further faster!


Head of People

Ally is a people advocate and hugely passionate about creating safe and inclusive workplaces. A Chartered member of the CIPD and with over 15 years experience in people lead roles, Ally follows a values based and person-centred approach to HR. Also mum to 2 little humans and a cockapoo called Ted.


Electronics Engineer

Caspar is a Chartered Engineer with a diverse range of experience gained through work at an automotive consultancy and 20 years in the telecommunications industry working in design and as an Engineering Manager. Key areas of expertise are Electronics Hardware design and Embedded software.


Project Manager

Charlie holds a MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Nottingham University. After starting his career as a Design Engineer at Rolls-Royce in Derby he has led projects in aerospace, electrical and software start ups from Asia to Africa over 10 years. Space is the obvious next step! When not at work, Charlie is normally found holding a racket, surfboard or baby bottle.


Attitude Control Engineer

An unabashed Space Optimist, Kirill's engineering journey took him from his first words "metal" and "hole" in his birth country of Kyrgyzstan, to an MEng in Electronics and Space Science from the University of Bath. Before Space Forge, he worked for the public sector in missing persons search and satellite communications. Kirill splits his free time between fixing old cameras, smoking meat and trying to convince people to watch The Wire.