as a service

One vision. Multiple missions.

The space environment offers a unique set of environmental conditions that are hugely beneficial for certain processes that are complicated to perform in Earth’s atmosphere under the effect of gravity. Costs and opportunities to take advantage of microgravity for manufacturing have been limited thus far. But this is all about to change with Space Forge at the forefront of the next industrial revolution. We offer the opportunity to make space work for humanity, by utilising microgravity as a service with our world-first reusable, returnable orbital manufacturing platform, the ForgeStar™.

Low Earth Orbit

The ultimate manufacturing space.

No Contamination
Natural vacuum
flawless mixing
Extreme temperature range

Space Forge has developed a dedicated platform for your microgravity production, research and experimentation needs. What makes us unique is that our proprietary return system will bring your precious cargo back to Earth gently, with no shock on landing, safely delivering high-value products back to you in an innovative vehicle with a precision engineered capture and recovery system.


Our current Age of Information was built on the massive leap forward that solid-state technology enabled. Integrated circuits and microchips touch almost every area of our modern lives and global economy. The next-generation building blocks of 21st century electronics will be made in space, where the advantages of being in orbit allow the development of super materials that are a magnitude more efficient and powerful than anything that we’ve seen before.


Medical breakthroughs are needed now more than ever. On-orbit R&D can accelerate new discoveries and improve the efficiency of existing drugs. From compounds with a vastly improved shelf life to pure protein crystallization that will enable better drug delivery methods, off-world production in the new age of space will revolutionize pharmaceutical innovation on Earth.


Since the Bronze Age, humans have produced amazing blends of different metals. There are still many to be developed, but advances are hampered by the limitations of what can be achieved economically in Earth’s gravity and atmosphere. The manufacturing opportunities for novel alloys and superalloys in microgravity are almost limitless.

Endless possibilities.
Infinite products.
Frequent opportunities.

High launch

Low barrier
to entry.

10 x Launches Annually

Whatever the length of your mission, we can offer frequent, regular rideshares to orbit

Return Anywhere

WHEREVER you need your payload, we can deliver direct from space

Your Payload, Our Mission

pressurised or unpressurised, pharma to alloys, we can support your research

High impact payloads.
Low impact landings.

At the forefront of a new frontier
in manufacturing.

Create materials in space that are impossible to create on Earth

10 x
quality increase

Construction in orbit leads to 100 x fewer defects in semiconductor materials


+ structure
+ purity
+ size

By leveraging space conditions, we achieve significant increases in purity, structure and size of crystals in material and life sciences.

Become part of the next
industrial revolution with us

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